Expert review of notarial documents

Nowadays expert review of legal documents is the primary task of an organization throughout its economic activities. Especially important is an expert review of notarial documents according to related corporate details.   As a result of such review system’s users can identify the authenticity of an issued document, for example, in order to protect themselves from transactions with a person whose power of attorney is forged and is not issued by a notary. This service gives system users the ability to check any notarial documents, without applying for this purpose to a notary office where the documents were executed. In order to get a verification letter you should fill out all required fields, specify the name of the notary who certified the document.

Being the regional representation office of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system, the STATUS Law agency has the opportunity to provide its clients with system’s products with a discount of the regional representative office. Contacting us you do not only get stability, confidence in the future and operational efficiency, but also high quality products of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system.

More detailed information about system’s products is available on the official web-site or by contacting the STATUS Law agency.