About us

“STATUS” Law agency was founded in 2007. Over the years, our company has become one of the most successful and fast growing law agencies of  the  city of Krasnoyarsk. Today we  are providing legal services in all fields of law for large and medium-sized companies and individuals both  on the territory of Russia and abroad.

We deal with the whole range of legal  issues. The services we render include registration, reorganization and liquidation of legal entities, business support of day-to-day activities of commercial organizations and companies. A separate area of our successful activity is legal representation of individuals and legal entities in courts of general jurisdiction and arbitration courts of the Russian Federation.

Over the years of the court practice in cases represented by our personnel we have accumulated rich experience of winning actions. We develop a unique strategy for each client that helps us to achieve success in the shortest time possible at minimal cost for you and your business.   

The distinguishing feature of our agency is  appreciation of time of our clients. We do not pretend to work, we achieve results. In this regard the Project Mate program has been introduced to the agency in 2015. The program allows our clients to determine complexity of any project and see the time spent on this project by each employee of the agency.

We are committed to the principle of providing a full package of legal services. Our staff will competently consult you on any question of the law field, will help you execute any significant legal document (contract, statement of claim, tax forms, letter of complaint to actions of officials, etc.), and protect your interests in courts or other state bodies in the future. Our activity is aimed at obtaining licenses and permits issued by supervisory and control bodies (certificates of admission to the works, licenses of the Federal Rescue Service, etc.) for clients of our agency.

In 2016 we were one of the first in Krasnoyarsk who have begun to provide services to microfinance companies. Currently, we assist lenders in preparing all the documents necessary for passing the audits and planned control carried out by regional units of the Central Bank.  

Our agency’s staff will consult you on what documents should be submitted by the company to the Central Bank, will help in solving technical issues of creating and activating your personal account and will prepare all required Legal reports and Internal acts of the company.

We are open for cooperation and constantly develop new forms and methods of our professional activity. In 2015 our law agency won an open competition aimed at receiving the status of the regional representative office of “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” magazine (“The Bulletin of state registration”) and the “Kommersant(“Merchant”) newspaper. From now on,  “STATUS” Law agency is the only law agency on the Krasnoyarsk territory that accepts notifications of liquidation and reorganization of the legal entities,  and deals with mandatory publication of bankruptcy notifications.

Moreover, as a regional representative office of “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” magazine and the “Kommersant” newspaper,STATUS” Law agency renders the service of inquiry into contractor’s affairs. The service enables finding out about all founders of the legal entity and their membership in other entities and organizations in only one click.  This information is very important for business relations establishment and equally important, when dealing with a controversial issue of bankruptcy. Inquiry into contractor’s affairs is a unique service that helps you track what property of your contractor is pledged, and in  which court cases your potential business partner is involved. A significant advantage of the inquiry system is the possibility to analyse and verify the financial status of  the legal entity. Additionally,the service provides information about government contracts gained by the  company in question. More detailed information about  other services of the system is available in the relevant section of this web-site. “Kommersant Kartoteka” service allows you to verify any notarial documents to reduce the risk of concluding a deal on the basis of the documents that in fact have not been certified by a notary.

Additionally, our agency provides the opportunity to make an electronic digital signature (EDS) accepted by all state authorities (EDS for tax agencies and Federal Financial Monitoring Service, for public services and  for supervisory bodies, etc.), including electronic signatures made only by theKommersant Kartoteka” certification authority (e.g., EDS for Unified State Automated Informational System for the wood accounting) with a discount .In addition, our clients have a possibility to issue an electronic signature to participate in tenders on all well-known trading platforms.

“STATUS”  Law agency invites you to hold on-line auctions on its private KARTOTEKA.RU trading platform belonging to the “Kommersant” publishing house, which significantly reduces the costs of these auctions and saves time of our clients. Unlike other trading platforms, access to our trading platform is given not only for bidding, but also for technical and consulting support from the specialists at all stages of bidding. We also provide such services as compiling the texts of publications on held bidding for arbitrary officials, as well as free of charge informing about changes in legislation.

If you choose  “STATUS” Law agency you will enjoy: a professional team of specialists who provide legal services both  on the territory of the Russian Federation and abroad; 9 years of successful trails experience; business support of the current activity of your company or enterprise; any legal services rendered turnkey, including visits to the notary, publication of information on legal facts and work with state authorities; unique technologies allowing to save your time and reduce your costs for legal services (Project Mate system); law agency which provides services for microfinance companies, which include preparing documents for submission to departments of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The company helps to perform internal control in order to prevent legalization of funds obtained by criminal ways; private trading platform for on-line bidding; Discounted access to unique technologies of theKommersant Kartoteka”publishing house (inquiry into contractors’ affairs, provision of information, issuing of the electronic digital signature, etc.).