Reference services

Modern conditions make the market follow alternative business rules that differ from earlier ones. Today it is not enough just to possess information, it is important to be able to use it as efficiently as possible in the interests of business. It is important that this information is provided not from different sources, but is thoroughly accumulated in one objective source and then as one full package is given to the end user interested in receiving it.

This is why Kommersant KARTOTEKA reference services was developed, the purpose of which is to provide its users (business representatives, banks, insurance companies, state corporations and business media) with full amount of information. At present this system gives the opportunity to obtain background information on all aspects of economic activities of a company. In addition to the service of inquiry into contractor’s affairs, to which a separate section of our website is devoted, Kommersant KARTOTEKA system provides access to the following reference services:

  • Service for visualization of connections, check for affiliation Service for visualization of connections displays economic correlations between individuals and legal entities, relationship of the parent and affiliated company, identifies relationship between legal entities and their founders;
  • Service of check for affiliation gives a possibility to analyze links between subjects in depth of up to level 7, which allows to identify questionable relationships between companies and potential business partners.
  • Service of checking overall reliability of a contractor                                                                                       According to the results of the analysis carried out by the system, a user is able to evaluate financial state of a partner-company with regard to risk assessment criteria. Analysis of financial reliability of a company includes assessment of company’s effectiveness, riskiness of running a business, together with other important economic parameters.                                                                                                        
  • Service provides information about companies in accordance with desired parameters, graphical representation of search results This service allows you to obtain information about a company in accordance with required parameters. For example, its user can obtain information about the company by taking a specific region, activity or sector into account; The user has the opportunity to obtain a single referential report on a company, which contains key information, data on financial reliability assessment and graphical representation of company’s structure;
  • Additional infographics gives users the opportunity to create a graphic image or scheme of required information, this service allows you to obtain a comparative analysis of all the data in a single image.

Being the regional representation office of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system, the STATUS Law agency has the opportunity to provide its clients with system’s products with a discount of the regional representative office. Contacting us you do not only get stability, confidence in the future and operational efficiency, but also high quality products of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system. More detailed information about system’s products is available on the official web-site or by contacting the STATUS Law agency.