General information

“The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” is the  magazine of “Kommersant”  publishing house which receives notifications of substantial facts from the legal entities. legal entities shall publish notifications of liquidation of a company, reorganization, reduction of charter capital of a legal entity, purchasing more than 20% of the assets of another entity, and other facts that have to be published according to legal requirements in “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii”. The “Kommersant” publishing house is also receiving notifications for publication in The “Kommersant “ newspaper of the revocation of a power of attorney, and all the notifications on bankruptcy (introduction of monitoring procedure, financial rehabilitation, external management, meetings of creditors, organization and holding of trades, and other notifications in cases as required by the law).

Since July, 2015 “STATUS”  Law agency, which is the only representation office in the region, has been implementing notification reception in the The “Kommersant” newspaper and “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” magazine within Krasnoyarsk territory. 

Being a regional representation office,  “STATUS” Law agency carries out all the necessary consulting concerning publication of notifications, it also provides services in the “Kommersant KARTOTEKA” certification authority for the issuance of certificates of electronic digital signature, and provides full complex of services of theKommersant KARTOTEKA”  system including checking contractors, provision of information on the founders, pledges, checking the financial status of the organization, etc.

You can find a procedure for the submission of notifications to “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii” magazine and “The Kommersant” newspaper in the section Procedure for the submission of notifications to “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii”  and in the  video with interactive guidlines. All the information on the preparation and submission of notifications to “The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii “magazine and The” Kommersant”  newspaper can be obtained by contacting our employee’s e-mail (Ekaterina Lazarenkova), or by telephone +7 (391) 241-44-65, or by filling out our feedback form.

The STATUS Law agency is the regional representation office of The Vestnik gosudarstvennoy registratsii magazine and The Kommersant newspaper in the Krasnoyarsk territory. Since July, 2015 our agency has been receiving notifications in the following periodicals from legal entities and court-appointed managers.