Inquiry into contractor’s affairs

Nowadays successful business depends not only on selection of the correct model of economic behavior, but also on the partners selected. In order to facilitate the work of entrepreneurs and companies the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system offers to take an advantage of the service of inquiry into contractor’s affairs, due to which legal entities can easily find information about potential partners and customers.    

This service offers online access to relevant information about companies, founders, managers and the relationships between them. This inquiry system can be used by legal entities, state authorities, banks, insurance companies, analytical units and information agencies. The inquiry system’s users are given the opportunity to receive complete information online when choosing business partners, to find out information about founders and managers, to evaluate financial state of a company, to control a contractor at all stages of cooperation. In automatic mode system’s users can track changes of registration data, participation of a contractor in trades, receive information about state contracts of partner’s company and also obtain information on the pledged property or compile a list of disreputable suppliers.

This inquiry system allows to evaluate risks of financial transactions, as well as prospects and opportunities of cooperation at the stage of a contract conclusion, and also allows you to choose business partners taking their financial reliability into account.  

User’s version of the inquiry system includes:

information on companies established by individuals and legal entities with data package on their founders;
data from Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Unified State Register of Private Entrepreneurs, United State Register of Enterprises and Companies and other public registers;
essential facts concerning company’s activities and its financial accounts.