Check for affiliation

Additionally, system’s users can enjoy the service of check for affiliation that allows to identify links between individuals and legal entities, together with the service of checking company’s reputation that allows you to track the history of individual’s participation in legal entities (reasons for liquidation of a legal entity where the individual was the founder).  

The contractors are checked using official data and in relation to the companies based in the Russian Federation, as well as in Ukraine and Kazakhstan. After receiving the results users gain the opportunity to print relevant information, to execute it in a graphic form or to generate a separate complete business report for each contractor. If necessary, one can use the service for current monitoring of contractors, which tracks all changes in real time, in order to obtain information on the changes of the contractor.  

Being the regional representation office of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system, the STATUS Law agency may provide system products with the discount of a regional representative office. Contacting us you do not only get stability, confidence in the future and operational efficiency, but also high quality products of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system.  

More detailed information about system’s products is available on the official web-site or by contacting the STATUS Law agency.