Information on pledges

Since July, 2014 all pledged property is to be officially registered. Since the notification pledge registration gives the priority to the mortgagee when selling this mortgaged property. It may become an additional motivating factor for submitting notifications on pledged property to the register.   Whether a company has pledged property or not, it is an important factor that one should pay attention to when analyzing company’s financial state. Kommersant KARTOTEKA system gives users the opportunity to check the presence of a pledged property. There is a company’s record card, to which after checking information about in what cases the company acts as a pledger and pledgee, as well as information about a subject of a pledge being changed or a pledge being lapsed.

Kommersant KARTOTEKA system allows to search information on pledged property according to all fields of the database (registration number, INN – taxpayer identification number – of a mortgagee or mortgagor, deposit status, date of notification registration, date of the contract, etc.) and to apply various filters that allow you to use the data to analyze company’s financial state and evaluate statistical data. This system also allows users to obtain information on pledged property by monitoring changes in real-time.

Being the regional representation office of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system, the STATUS Law agency has the opportunity to provide its clients with system’s products with a discount of the regional representative office. Contacting us you do not only get stability, confidence in the future and operational efficiency, but also high quality products of the Kommersant KARTOTEKA system. Moreover, the STATUS Law agency prepares all necessary documents for bidding participants in order to obtain competent digital signature, which allows to save the time of our clients.  

More detailed information about system’s products is available on the official web-site or by contacting the STATUS Law agency.